ASOS Denim hub goes live

As Spring is fast approaching, ASOS men have launched the denim hub for all your denim needs. This hub provides customers with a go-to destination to visually navigate through their extensive denim collections. You’re able to shop by fit and brand, while also discovering new denim brands to look out for that you're particularly excited by. In true ASOS style, they have even included a few styling tips along the way. To make this all a bit more digitally engaging and fun they have partnered up with three amazing profiles through Tumblr that all play to some of the different types of characters within their male audience. So instead of the straight up model shots and cut outs they have La Corgi (the dog) rocking a denim bow tie, A Collected Gentleman, known for his high street styling doing denim inspired outfits of the day, and The Classy Issue making some denim focused gifs! The denim hub is live now, so start shopping! asos.comDenim Hub DENIM_STYLED