Ariana Grande: Her Top Ten songs ranked

Ariana Grande comes to the UK later this month with her sell-out Dangerous Woman tour. Just four years after releasing her debut single, the singer has quickly become a pop juggernaut with a handful of instantly recognisable hits and three critically acclaimed records. She's an outspoken supporter of the LGBT+ community, and is a huge advocate for equal rights. With one of the biggest voices to grace pop in years, the star shows absolutely no signs of slowing down. Her latest album topped the charts around the world, and we cannot wait to see her live. In celebration, we've rounded up her Top Ten songs below from 1- 10 Break Free Her first foray into club-ready bangers, Ariana hit it out of the park when she teamed up with Zedd for this anthemic break up track. Showcasing her vocal talents on one of the most arresting pop choruses of the past few years, it peaks at the climax of the middle eight, when the pint-sized songstress hits that career-defining high note that you can't help but scream along with her. Into You A masterclass in pop, Into You instantly became a fan favourite and ended up topping numerous Best of the Year lists when 2016 came to an end. While critics adored the the track's throbbing baseline and explosive chorus, it failed to scale the charts like people had expected, which goes down in history as one of the biggest pop injustices in of our time. Love Me Harder It's truly a testament to the quality of Ariana's music that a song as fantastic as Love Me Harder only makes it to Number Three on this list. A smooth and seductive R&B track that introduced The Weeknd into the mainstream , Ari's note-perfect vocal delivery on the first verse is a shining example of why she might just be the most promising pop star in the business. Focus Okay, so this wasn't the hit that her record label expected it to be when it was unveiled back in 2015. Originally the lead for an album titled Moonlight, the disappointing chart run for Focus ended up delaying her third album, which eventually became Dangerous Woman. But we'd argue it's one of her best. Rather than just a rehash of Problem, Focus takes everything that made that song a hit and amplifies it to another level. Plus those ad-libs on the final chorus? Your fave really could never. P.s it's also a fantastic pop video that she's yet to top. Dangerous Woman It's hard to think of a more unexpected lead single from an up and coming popstar. This was a major risk for the star, especially off the back of Focus, but thankfully it paid off. The perfect way to introduce her persona on the album of the same name, the sultry Dangerous Woman showed a new side to Ariana, one that's not afraid to get what she wants. One Last Time The final single taken from her second album, My Everything, this dance-floor ready ballad sees the pop star begging her ex-boyfriend to enjoy one last night of passion together after finding out she'd cheated on him. We're not quite sure about the apocalypse-themed video, but that's neither here nor there. Side To Side What's not to like about this? While Love Me Harder's sexual undertones remained evident but subtle, Side to Side sees Ariana shouting from the rooftops about being unable to walk after spending the evening getting absolutely railed by her man. It's completely unapologetic, absolutely ridiculous and yet it never borders on becoming a parody. We want this played at our funeral. Knew Better/Forever Boy Probably a controversial choice, but this stands as proof of Ari's undeniable artistry and musical talent. A love story told over two tracks, Knew Better sees the singer telling her boyfriend that their relationship is over because he's not been trying hard enough. But then the five-minute long track transitions from a low-key R&B kiss-off into a euphoric house-infused banger where she reveals that dumping him was the best thing she's ever done because now she's found The One. The Way The song that started it all, The Way came out of nowhere and put Ariana on the map after the ill-advised single Put Your Hearts Up that foundered on the charts just two years before. An uplifting slice of throwback R&B-tinged pop, the track soared into the US Top Ten thanks to it's bouncy piano-riff and let everyone know she was here to stay. Santa Tell Me It had been years since we had a Christmas pop song that lived up to Mariah's timeless classic - but then two came along at once. First we had Kelly Clarkson's Underneath The Tree, and then less than a year later, Ari unveiled her own Xmas classic. We listen to it in August and we won't apologise for it. There's still time to grab tickets for her tour, so get them while you can before they're all snapped up.