Ariana Grande follows two RuPaul's Drag Race UK queens on Instagram

"I ....... love u so much @biminibabes."


Words: Jamie Tabberer; picture: BBC/Interscope

It's official: Ariana Grande is a RuPaul's Drag Race UK fan.

The 'Positions' singer has of course long been a long-time supporter of the US version of the hit show, even serving as a guest judge on SE7.

But it seems she's been catching up with the show's British counterpart too - which saw Scottish queen Lawrence Chaney steal the crown in last week's final.

"I love u so much"

Ari's RPDR UK fandom was ru-vealed last week when a fan tweeted Tia Kofi: "ARIANA GRANDE FOLLOWS YOU ON INSTAGRAM", to which Tia replied: "OMG. SHE ACTUALLY DOES."

It has since come to light that Ari also follows finalist Bimini, sharing a photo of the star to her 228 million followers on her Instagram Stories over the weekend.

She posted the photo with a caption saying: "I ....... love u so much @biminibabes."

She's got taste!

Ariana is certainly picky about who she follows on the platform, with only 759 accounts bestowed with honour thus far. These include Diana Ross, Lil Nas X, Anthony Hopkins and RPDR SE13's Kandy Muse. (That would make an interesting dinner party!).

Bimini also has a famous fan in the shape of Katie Price. The former glamour model, who Bimini did for Snatch Game, has posted a YouTube video of herself reacting to the impersonation and giving it two thumbs up.