Archbishop of York says the Church of England will not change their mind on gay marriage

After rumours that the Church of England may consider a change in their beliefs towards gay marriage, the Archbishop of York has come forward to confirm that these are untrue. Premier Christian Radio reports that Most Revd John Sentamu has dispelled rumours after the Daily Telegraph published an article earlier this week regarding a letter written by himself and the Archbishop of Canterbury, Most Revd Justin Welby, to a gay member of the Church of England's General Synod, Jayne Ozanne. The Daily Telegraph's article told readers that the letter signalled that the Church of England would rethink its doctrine so that it was more accommodating to same-sex couples.
The Archbishop of York has now said that there is no intention for the Church to move away from their traditional teachings of marriage and sexuality, but that they are to find a way to bring together the divide between their conservative and liberal followers. In a letter to the Daily Telegraph, Most Revd Sentamu said: "The Archbishop of Canterbury and I have not 'signalled' that the Church of England is 'poised to rethink its centuries-old doctrine of marriage to accommodate same-sex couples', as you report. However it is true that discussions are taking place and will continue at next summer's meeting of the General Synod, not to overhaul Church doctrine, but to 'help forge better understanding between different groups over the issue of sexuality'." More stories: Could a ‘Star Wars’ gay romance still be happening? Caitlyn Jenner: “I get more flak for being Republican than for being transgender”