Amazon pulls Straight Pride Badge from website following backlash

The controversial badge was mocked online and dubbed homophobic by social media users


Amazon has finally removed a Straight Pride Badge from its website.

The online retail giant was selling the pin badge for a company called 1000 Flags, which also sells Pride rainbow flags, banners and pins.

However, the gold-plated badge was dubbed homophobic by social media users and came under fire from both LGBT members and straight allies.

According to Newsweek, 1000 Flags also sells a pink triangle pin badge – a symbol used to identify homosexual prisoners under the Nazi regime but reclaimed by LGBT rights activists as a protest symbol.

1000 Flags director Mark Horler told Newsweek: “We were asked for a pink triangle badge numerous times by our LGBT customers and they continue to purchase these alongside our extensive range of LGBT pin badges.

“In no way were either badge produced as an anti-LGBT item and we take offence with that suggestion. These are not hate symbols. Our extensive range of LGBT flags, pin badges and embroidered patches has helped spread LGBT pride across the world.”

Before the bade was taken down, several users had left it one-star reviews and described the product, which was priced at £4.50, as “terrible and anti-LGBT”.

The news comes after the 2013 Straight Pride UK campaign attempted to stop same-sex marriage in England and Wales.