Amazon employee who attacked co-worker for being gay says LGBT people should 'expect to be assaulted'

The 36-year-old openly admitted his dislike for LGBT people


An Amazon employee faces 10 years in prison after reportedly attacking a co-worker because he's gay. 

James William Hill attacked his co-worker at the Amazon Fulfilment Centre in Chester, Virginia, back in May 2015.

The 36-year-old was found guilty of violating the Matthew Shepard Act of 2009, which prosecutes anyone who commits a hate-crime motivated by a victim's race, colour, religion or national origin.

Speaking to WTVR-TV, a spokesperson for the US Attorney's office said: "Evidence showed that Hill assaulted the co-worker because of the co-worker's perceived sexual orientation." 

"Hill admitted to an Amazon manager and a Chesterfield County Police Officer that he dislikes people who are gay, and further stated that people who are gay should expect to be assaulted because of their sexual orientation."

According to NewNowNext, the case against Hill was initially dismissed by a district court judge who claimed hate-crime statutes weren't applied properly.

However, the court's ruling was reversed and Hill was sent back for trial. He will be sentenced at a later date.