Amazon criticised for selling Straight Pride badge

The badge has been dubbed homophobic and an abomination


Amazon Prime has been criticised after it started selling a Straight Pride badge.

The retail giant is selling the gold plated flag pin badge for a company called 100 Flags - which also sells Pride rainbow flags as well as banners, badges and pins from around the world - but the latest addition has been dubbed homophobic by social media users.

A Twitter user, named Danny, wrote: "Straight Pride is seemingly as beige as most straight people's personalities [sic]"

With another adding: "This is actually really gross and homophobic [sic]"

The badge - which is named the Straight Heterosexual Pride Wavy Gold Plated Flag Pin Badge - is priced £4.50 and both LGBT members and straight allies were outraged by the badge.

One wrote: "As a straight person I would like to apologise for this abomination."

Back in 2013, a campaign, Straight Pride UK, attempted to stop same-sex marriage in England and Wales.

At the time they wrote: "Being straight is not easy under the circumstances of our society.

"Straight people are being persecuted every day by political correctness.

"We need Straight Pride to demonstrate that being heterosexual is nature's way. We need to crush the gay agenda.

"If the gays can have their day, so can normal humans."

The Amazon listing can be found here.