Amazing mum helps 8 year-old son achieve his dream of being a drag make-up artist

A young boy who loves all things drag and dreams of one day becoming a make-up artist is well on his way after a little help from his amazingly supportive mum. A picture of 8-year-old Ethan, from North Port, Florida, went viral this week after his mum, Season Wilwert, 35, sent him to a make-up tutorial with MAC Cosmetics to help him pursue his passion. Make-up artist Joey Killmeyer was shocked to find that his first ever tutorial would be with the Ethan, who he described as "very talented" at such a young age. After helping him apply some seriously fierce face work, Joey posted a touching message of support Ethan and his mum on Facebook, which has been liked almost 140,000 times in less than a week. make up fb "A couple weeks ago I got my certification in lessons for MAC. Today I got to do my first one," Killmeyer wrote. "I was not originally scheduled today but was filling in." He continued: "This is Ethan, he is 8. He wanted to learn drag makeup. He loves [YouTube star and make-up artist] Jeffree Starr. His mom is so supportive of him and is letting him discover who he is. I did one side of his face and he did the other. "He did soooo great. He is a very talented guy. And I expect he will be a great artist in life. But I was so touched that his mom said I gave him confidence in letting him be himself. "And it truly was meant to be that I worked today. It shows me the world is changing from when I was his age and that there is hope for kids who are different. And whether he is gay or not who knows. But I really respect the mom who is letting him be himself and discover who he is and what he wants to do in life." make up mum Speaking to Metro after Joey's post went viral, Season insisted that she supports her son no matter what, and will always encourage him to pursue his dreams. "Ever since Ethan was little, he has always been interested in makeup. He would watch me get ready in the morning and would ask if he could apply my makeup," she said. "I support my son no matter what. I love him unconditionally. This is purely a form of artistic expression. I know some people will make it about gender identity or sexual preference; however, Ethan is only 8 years old. "He is an actor, a performer… I am letting him explore his true passions and talents, whatever those may be." One thing's for sure, Ethan's got a big future ahead of him. More stories: Go behind the scenes of Gleb Savchenko’s steamy Attitude cover shoot Tom & Dustin reveal intimate relationship details as they pose for OUT’s Love Issue