All Stars 6 elimination sees first tied vote in Drag Race herstory - and the drama is real

"Wait, Ru - I have another lipstick!"


Words: Jamie Tabberer; picture: WoW

Spoiler alert: All Stars 6 saw a shock tied vote during this week's elimination - a Drag Race first, as RuPaul pointed out.

The episode saw lip-sync assassin Alexis Mateo win the lip-sync against challenge winner Trinity K. Bonet, before revealing that the group had voted to eliminate Pandora Boxx, who'd founder herself in the bottom two with Jan.

A relieved Jan went to comfort Pandora... until Alexis made a shock announcement. 

"The power of elimination returns to the top All Star"

"Wait, Ru - I have another lipstick!" she declared. "It's a tie."

Replied RuPaul: "OK, well, for the first time in Drag Race herstory, we have a group vote tie.

"All Star rules state that in the event of such a tie, the power of elimination returns to the top All Star of the week."

Trinity then returned to the stage to reveal who she'd chosen to get the chop, saying: "The queen that I chose is one of the most talented individuals that I have had the honour to work with and my sister and my faith: Jan."

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"They think of me as a threat"

A visibly upset Jan later said in a confessional: "I can't help but feel the queens voted me out because they think of me as a threat. They all see I have the potential to do all of the things it takes to win this crown.

"I do think I'm gone too soon. I do think it's another thing where, like season 12, people will want to see more of me."

Addressing her exit (or possible non-exit - we still don't know what the game-within-a-game twist is yet), Jan said on Instagram last night: "Cannot thank my awesome fans for all of the love and support throughout this wild ride. I love y’all and hope I made you proud. I wanna say the most thank you to my friends and family for constantly supporting me and showering me with confidence and love.

"To my castmates, we did that. Such an honor to share the stage with y’all, and even though they didn’t show much of it, thank you for all the kind words, encouragement, and support."

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