Algerian man has throat slit by attackers who wrote 'gay' on the wall using his blood

Assil Belalta was followed by two attackers who murdered him in his home


An Algerian man was murdered in his home after attackers slit his throat and wrote ‘gay’ on the wall.

Assil Belalta, 21, was a medical student at the Faculte de medicine d’Alger and, according to his Facebook account, he identified as bisexual.

However, after returning home on Sunday (February 10),  two attackers followed him and slit his throat before taking his car keys.

Horrifyingly, the killers then wrote ‘He is gay’ on the wall using Belalta’s own blood.

His body was found by his friends who reported it to the police.

On a Facebook post on Alouen – an LGBT+ activist group based in Algeria – they wrote: “Homophobic crime at the university city of Ben Aknoun in Algiers.

“This vile and homophobic act occurred two weeks after the statements of the president of the Algerian Magistrates Union, Mr Laudouni.

“[He] said that human rights associations and NGOs asking for the decriminalization of homosexuality in Algeria and the fight against homophobia are ‘trampling on the values and foundations of the Algerian people, who do not show tolerance to homosexual people’, and that the magistrates will ‘face anyone who wants to establish laws against the specificities of the Algerian people’."