Alan Carr posts pic of himself in Margaret Thatcher drag to celebrate The Crown

"I can’t help feeling the producers missed a trick..."


It seems Alan Carr is excited of the rest of us about season four of The Crown.

In fact, he's possibly more excited than most - going as far to post a pictures of hismelf in Margaret Thatcher drag.

Let's just say the look is on point, and there's clearly a reason why he was selected RuPaul's Drag Race UK.

"I've heard so many good things about Gillian Anderson"

The TV star has shared two photos of his look on Instagram, alongside the caption: "Super excited to be finally getting to see #thecrownnetflix today."

He added: "I’ve heard so many good things about [Gillian Anderson] playing Mrs.Thatcher but I can’t help feeling the producers missed a trick."

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SE4 of The Crown dropped on Netflix on Sunday, following news that The X-Files star Gillian Anderson had to block out her opinions of former Prime Minister Thatcher to play her.

Carr recently confirmed RPDR UK was soon to complete filming its second season.

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