Alan Carr: 'I got off with Grace Jones on Chatty Man'

Alan Carr has revealed that he "got off" with Grace Jones on the set of this week's episode of Chatty Man. The comedian and talk show host told DigitalSpy that Jones is now his offical new favourite guest, after filming what sounds like a typically bonkers guest spot this week. grace feat

 "She came down the stairs and flashed her knickers at everyone," Carr said of the 67-year-old Jamaican superstar's appearance.

"I got off with herI passed her a tequila in my mouth and she passed it back, and then she was on all fours, and then she was talking about how big this man's dick was."

He continued: "She was my favourite ever guest and someone came up and was like, 'Ooh, was that tough?' and I was like, 'No, it was amazing'. 

"Give me that any day [rather] than, 'Oh my album's got slow songs, my album's got fast songs'. Give me someone pissed as a fart, flashing their knickers, on all fours.

"She's my favourite guest."

Safe to say we'll be tuning in come Friday - but if you can't wait til then, you'll have to make do with re-living Grace's last appearance on Chatty Man:

Meanwhile, the Pull Up to the Bumper singer recently threw some legendary shade at Lady Gaga, after admitting she's been unable to "feel a soul" each time she's met her. Jones’s autobiography is out now, and we recently rounded up the 10 most amazing things we learnt from the memoir (from an incredibly extensive list of potential anecdotes, it must be said) – click here to check it out. Alan Carr: Chatty Man continues on Friday (November 27) at 10pm on Channel 4. Alan's Yap, Yap, Yap! Live tour show is available on digital download, Blu-ray and DVD now. More stories: Usher follows The Game’s example with ripped crotch shot What does it mean to be a gay man in modern Britain?