Adele invites drag impersonator on stage in Australia - WATCH

Adele has invited a number of people on stage with her, however no one's more memorable than her most recent guest. While on her 25 tour, Adele paused the show at the Domain Stadium in Perth, Australia, to bring DJ Feminem, a drag Adele impersonator, on stage. Once on stage, Feminem said: "I impersonate you professionally for a job." This led to Adele responding in the best way possible, "Shut up!" Feminem couldn't resist belting out a few lines of 'Rumor Has It' on stage to the delight of Adele and the audience. The pair then took a selfie together as Adele joked, "Why didn't you tell me I had such a sweaty face? You look better than me... that's not allowed!" Following her meeting with the superstar, the Adele impersonator spoke to radio station 6PR about the experience. "I kind of caught her eye in the first 10-15 minutes of the show and she gave me a little wink and a wave." This wasn't the first time the star's met an impersonator as performer Kristie Champagne was pulled on stage during a Seattle performance. You can watch their hilarious moment on stage below: H/t: Gay Star News More stories: Disney’s Gaston was based on gay ‘trade’, Beauty and the Beast director reveals 90210's Trevor Donovan stripped off to recreate a naked shoot from over a decade ago