Adele can imagine her baby son having a boyfriend one day

Just in case there was any doubt left that Adele might just be one of the coolest people on the planet, the musical superstar has casually admitted in an interview about motherhood that she "can't wait" to meet her son's future girlfriend or boyfriend. The 27-year-old Hello singer, who has a three-year-old son, Angelo, with long-term partner Simon Konecki, appears on the cover of the latest issue of TIME magazine, and tells the publication that she will "always" support her child "no matter what". adele new "He makes me so proud of myself, and he makes me like myself so much," Adele says. "And I’ve always liked myself. I’ve never not liked myself. I don’t have hangups like that. "But I’m so proud of myself that I made him in my belly. Cooked him in my belly and then he came out of me! This human who’s suddenly walking around and doing his own thing. "I can’t wait to know who his best friends are going to be, who his girlfriend or his boyfriend is going to be or what movies he likes. "Whatever my kid wants to do or be I will always support him no matter what". Just when you thought you couldn't love her any more. Go Adele! time More stories: Gay men to be offered HPV vaccine to protect against cancer Parry Glasspool, James Hill and more strip off to give us an early Christmas present