Adam Rippon's mum pens letter about son's coming out and it's beyond emotional

"I want you to know some things I never said that day".


Kelly Rippon, the mother of out gay Olympic figure skater Adam Rippon, has written a beautiful letter to her son to mark National Coming Out Day.

Adam shot to fame during the 2018 Winter Olympics - along with his mother, who has long been his biggest supporter.

The 30-year-old won a bronze medal in the figure skating team event as part of the US team, which made him the States' first openly gay male athlete to win a medal at the Winter Olympics.

"I want you to know some things I never said that day"

In her letter, writer and inspirational speaker Kelly reflects on losing her own mother this year as well as "life-altering conditions brought on by the pandemic" and feeling an "overwhelming sense of urgency" to say how she feels.

Recalling the moment Adam came out to her years ago, she says: "You turned to me and nonchalantly mentioned, 'Mom, you know that I'm gay.' I think my first utterance was 'of course I know,' and then went on to say, 'good for you,' and 'thanks for sharing, I love you,' and without much fanfare, we entered the building.

"My reaction may have seemed neutral and matter of fact on the outside, but on the inside, I want you to know that I was fist-pumping with pride for you."

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She then continues: "I want you to know some things I never said that day. I know that formulating the most personal details of your life into a complete sentence and sharing it out loud was difficult and years in the making, no matter how easy you made it look that day.

"I want you to know that if I appeared upset or worried later that evening, it wasn't because I thought there was anything wrong with you, it was because I knew there was something wrong with the world we both live in."

She signs off by saying: "thank you for empowering me to live a life beyond my wildest dreams. I love being your advocate, I love being your confidant, I love knowing you've met the love of your life, but most of all, I love being your mother."

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Beautiful words!

To read the letter in full, visit GMA.

National Coming Out Day took place yesterday (Sunday 11 October).

Adam is dating Jussi-Pekka Kajaala, and told Us Weekly last year that it would "be nice" if they married, adding: "My whole family loves him and he's just a great guy."

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