Adam Rippon thought he'd have months before stripping for ESPN's naked shoot

The Olympic figure skater posed naked for the magazine's Body Issue


Adam Rippon thought he’d have months to prepare for his nude ESPN Magazine shoot.

The Olympic figure skater sent fans into a frenzy when he teased pictures from his naked shoot for the magazine's Body Issue last this week, and although he looked stunning in every picture – and a particularly perky bum – he admitted he panicked before getting into his birthday suit.

While speaking to AOL, he said: “I thought I would have months before [to prepare].

“They asked me, and I was like, ‘Perfect, I’ll be able to get a brand-new body by then. I’ll have a huge chest and look completely different with glowing skin’.


Shots from @espn Body 10 🌟

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“But then they were like, ‘It’s in two weeks!’ and I was like, ‘Fuck!’

"So, I basically was like, ‘You know what? This is going to work if I just go out there and say, ‘Fuck it!’ and I go out there and I don’t hold back.

"I’ll be able to know I held back just by looking at the pictures. I was comfortable, and I tried my best to put out the best pictures, and as soon as I said that, I was able to be comfortable around all these people, and I was just naked all day."

He went on to reveal how many people where in the room while he was walking around stark naked.

“10 people, which is more than usual,” he joked. Don't worry Adam... We all loved the shoot!