Adam Lambert is 'really proud' of Sam Smith for coming out as non-binary

The Queen frontman says people coming out as non-binary is the same as people coming out as gay 10 years ago


Words: Steve Brown

Adam Lambert says he is ‘really proud’ of Sam Smith for coming out as non-binary.

The Queen frontman told NME how he feels artists coming out as non-binary these days is the same as people coming out as gay 10 years ago, around the time he came out.

He said: “I think it’s a whole new conversation and not a widely explored topic.

“The media loves something that feels new and 10 years ago – in America anyway – there wasn’t a lot of mainstream music people identifying as gay, so it was a novelty, and I feel there might be some parallels there.

“I feel strongly about the principle of things and knew I couldn’t not be out and open and verbal about who and what I am. It would be a disservice to fans, the gay community and myself.

“On a personal level, I’m really happy for Sam that they’ve found their truth and they’re feeling liberated by it.”

After Sam came out as non-binary, they faced a lot of negative reaction and Lambert says that is because people are not ‘empathetic’.

Lambert continued: “At some point, you have to break through the ceiling and discuss trans or non-binary issues and I’m so proud of Sam – they’re really doing a bold thing.

“It’s time. A lot of the negative reaction to it is because people are just not being empathetic.

“If you stop for a minute and make it not about you and put yourself in the shoes of the person that’s being talked about and try to understand their experience – just for a second – you’ll realise what’s being asked is just that you be a decent human being.

“People get defensive, saying, ‘How dare you ask me to change the way I think!’, and just a little empathy would help.”