A third of Americans think being transgender is committing a sin

A new study has found that many people still believe being transgender is a mental illness


A third of Americans think transgender people suffer from mental illness, according to a new study.

A survey conducted by data analysis firm Ipsos exploring attitudes toward transgender people across 27 different countires found that many people still believe being transgender isn't "normal". 

The study, entitled Global Attitudes Toward Transgender People, found that a majority of people (60%) want their country to do more to support and protect transgender people, with respondents in Spain (70%) and Argentina (67%) more likely to agree. 

However, respondents from Poland (39%), Hungary and Japan (both 41%) were least likely to agree with the statement. 

Around 59% of respondents believed their country is becoming more tolerant of transgender people, but people in Hungary (31%), Poland (41%) and Japan (43%) were less likely to believe the statement.

Results revealed that over half of all respondents believe that being transgender is a "natural occurrence", particularly in Spain (64%) and Germany (60%). However, less than half of all people in Hungary (44%), Italy (45%) and Japan (48%) believe so. 

According to the study, Eastern Europe and the US (32%) are more likely to believe that transgender people have a mental illness, while shockingly around 30% of US respondents believe that transgender people are "committing a sin."