A beginner’s guide to online bingo


Pictures: Pexels and Provided

Bingo is a simple game, and that simplicity has helped it to transfer seamlessly from the physical to the digital world. In fact, the game itself has improved thanks to the efforts of a number of software developers who have introduced some innovative twists to this classic pastime.

Expanded cards, a choice of themes, and some big cash prizes are among the qualities that have increased the popularity of bingo. With more people playing bingo, those players who are new to the game will be keen to know how to play online bingo before they decide to play.

Here, we give new players a run-down of the things they should know before playing online bingo.

A New Audience

By expanding the list of games, software developers have opened up bingo to a whole new set of demographics. The traditional bingo audience is seen as middle-aged men and women on a night out.

At digital bingo sites, it’s a game for everyone, old and new. The rise in the popularity of bingo means many new players are coming online but are unsure of the rules. Thankfully, it’s one of the easiest games to learn and enjoy.

Know the Ropes

Learning the basics of bingo is essential before heading online. Before each game, every player has a card that lists a random set of numbers. In a brick-and-mortar bingo hall, the caller will shout out numbers as they are drawn, and players cross them off when they get a match.

The same principle applies online with the difference being that everything takes place automatically. Matching numbers will be checked and ticked off your virtual card as they are drawn.

The available cash prizes will vary depending on where you play and what games you get involved in. At the lower end of the scale, completing a line or two on your card would just return a few pounds.

Those figures can climb up to several thousand pounds and beyond. Overall, there is a great range of prizes and while jackpots may be lower in comparison to some casino games, there may be a greater chance of winning any form of prize.

Online bingo offers a range of great prizes depending on the type of game you play.

Take a Trial

There are two possible ways to play bingo online without committing to real money stakes and this can be extremely useful while you’re learning the game. The first of these is to find a bingo provider with a no deposit promotion.

In return for signing up with the bingo platform, there may be the option to receive a small amount of funds. This will allow new customers to explore the site and test out a few of the low-stakes games without having to part with their own funds.

Other operators have free bingo games where it's possible to win smaller prizes while others have trial games that are purely for fun. All of these options offer a chance to get acquainted with this great game.

Spot the Difference

One of the key differences between online and offline bingo is automation. In physical bingo halls, it's possible to miss a call and the player may subsequently lose out if they don’t cross off their numbers.

In online games, all the work is done for you so there should be no danger of missing a prize when you have a winning card.

One area where the bricks-and-mortar bingo halls win out concerns the social experience. There’s nothing to beat a night at the bingo and this is something that the online operators can never really emulate.

Many digital bingo sites offer some form of interaction with chat rooms available in many places. In the future, new technologies such as Virtual Reality could also enhance the online experience but, for now, this is an area where physical bingo halls win the day.

Other benefits of online bingo include the potential for developers to introduce a whole host of different themes. In the digital world, there are no restrictions in terms of floor space, so the producers are free to see where their imagination takes them when it comes to adopting a theme.

There are many different bingo games accessible online compared to land based bingo halls.

Your Choice

Anyone starting out in this game may well want to begin with the basics. A ‘no frills’ bingo game just involves the card and an automated caller which draws out the numbers. There’s no real theme here as such although many online players simply refer to this as ‘classic bingo’.

Moving on from that standing start, there is almost an unlimited supply of different themes. Cuddly cats and colorful cartoon animals are regular visitors to the online halls, along with fantasy and historical themes.

Other bingo themes can be unexpected and, on occasions, slightly bizarre while music, film, and popular TV shows are among the more common options.

How to Get Started

Those who are just starting out with bingo should begin with the more basic themes. In time, it’s easy to move on to different designs and more complex gameplay but it’s advisable to start with the basics.

When playing online, classic bingo games involve a single card and a set of balls. As the numbers are drawn, matching figures are ticked off until a winner is found. Thanks to the innovative game developers who have released a host of fascinating bingo titles, there will be plenty of options to move forward once the mechanics of the game are grasped.