A 14-year-old boy arrested in connection to the murder of a gay man on Christmas Eve

Juan Fresnada suffered a fractured skull following the attack and died on December 27


Words: Steve Brown

New York City police have arrested a 14-year-old boy in connection with the murder of a gay man on Christmas Eve.

Juan Fresnada was leaving a McDonald’s in The Bronx with his husband Bryon Caceres on Christmas Day when they were approached by a group of men.

In CCTV footage, Fresnada, 60, can be seen being thrown to the ground where he was stamped on repeatedly after the group of men tried to attack his husband.

Fresnada proceeds to grab a trash can in a bid to use it to defend himself. The attackers stole just $1 from him.

Caceres fled the scene to find help and when he returned, his husband was bleeding from his head after suffering a fractured skull.

Frasnada ended up in a critical condition with a bleed on his brain. He sadly passed away on December 27.

Now, law enforcement officials have confirmed they have arrested a third suspect in connection with the murder.

The 14-year-old boy – who has been unnamed – marks the third arrest following 18-year-old Abu Conteh and another anonymous 15 year old.

Police have not clarified whether other suspects remain at large.

All three will face murder charges but police have not said the attack was targeted by homophobia.