97% of LGBT people in Scotland have experienced discrimination in their lifetime, report says

A whopping 97% of LGBT people in Scotland have personally experienced anti-LGBT discrimination in their lifetimes, according to a new report. Two in three have endured verbal abuse because of their sexuality, while 16% have been physically assaulted. With 1,052 respondents from all over the country, the Scottish LGBT Equality Report is the most comprehensive research on “LGBT people’s experiences of inequality in Scotland”, wrote Tom French, policy and public affairs coordinator at the Equality Network. Published today by the Equality Network, the report revealed that despite recent advances both in legal measures and social acceptance, LGBT inequality is still a huge issue in Scotland. Nine in 10 LGBT people say they still experience inequality, and 94% say that more needs to be done about the prejudice and discrimination that LGBT people continue to face daily. scotland Perhaps not surprisingly, there is also a significant difference in the experiences of those living in urban and rural areas. More LGBT people from rural areas said their area is a “bad” or “very bad” place for the LGBT community, as well as reporting that they feeling isolated where they lived. The report also acknowledged that members of the LGBT community experience prejudice, discrimination and disadvantage in various ways and to different extents. For example, transgender respondents reported more negative experiences than LGBs. Other facets of one’s identity, such as race, religion and disability also added to their experiences of discrimination and disadvantage. Recommendations at the end of the report included “a clear LGBT equality and human rights strategy” from the Scottish government and consultation with LGBT individuals and organisations. Other aspects for improvement are representation, inclusive education and better access to LGBT-specific services. To access the Scottish LGBT Equality Report in its entirety, click here.