9-year-old boy who dressed as Bob The Drag Queen for Halloween gets a surprise from his hero: WATCH

It takes a lot of guts to go out in drag. Particularly when you haven't even reached double digits. But C.J. Duron was determined to pay homage to his favourite Drag Race star, Bob The Drag Queen for Halloween. And luckily the 9-year-old's wonderful parents were as every bit as encouraging as they should be, leading to this adorable costume, complete with Purse First purse. ht_costume_drag2_ml_161019_4x3_992 The image soon went viral, and once the Drag Race season 8 champ found out, he could help but go and pay little C.J a surprise visit. After a teary hello, the pair kiki and head out trick-or-treating together. C.J's mum told ABC news that Halloween was a special time for him: "Halloween is his favorite holiday because he can be his authentic self and he looks forward to it all year long," Duron said. "[I] feel like he spends so much of the year editing himself based on what everybody thinks. When this day comes there's no editing and I think it's great."