5 hotties in Matador Meggings giving us serious superhero vibes

In partnership with Matador Meggings


Have you noticed Batman, Superman and Deadpool all wear what are essentially... men's leggings, or meggings? (And look incredible in them to boot?!)

Indeed, you can forget capes and masks: this is the one piece of clothing almost all superheroes wear.

Such garments - long-popular with ballet dancers and sports stars - have exploded in popularity with guys worldwide over the last decade. And Matador Meggings has the market sussed.

The brand have put their own spin on the megging, whether in an athleisure context or beyond. For example, many items in their colourful, ultra-comfy range boast pockets and a lower back loop for discarded garments [below] - for example, if you want to go topless during a workout.

Another cool feature is the removable crotch cup: leave it intact to disguise your private parts if you don't want to put on a show. Equally, take it off if you want to do the opposite - perhaps in the bedroom.

That said, if you've tended to wear shorts over the top of leggings in the past - for instance, to hide your modesty at the gym, or during an exercise class - Matador Meggings with crotch cup might be the liberation you've been looking for.

Or perhaps you want to show off your legs and butt in a social setting? Even though it’s a high-performance workout apparel, Matador Meggings - which come in various shades, patterns and prints - make for a great party or festival look.

Just ask the Bulls of Matador Meggings community, where the company celebrates diversity and self-confidence.

For more information about Matador Meggings - inspired by the passionate bullfighter figure - shop at online here and visit them on Instagram.

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