21 questions with Lady Bunny

As one of the best-known and oldest comedy queens comes to London's Soho Theatre with her solo show, Trans-Jester!, transferring from the legendary Stonewall Inn, New York, the foul-mouthed glamour-puss and drag legend that is Lady Bunny sits down for 21 questions with Attitude... Which part of your body do you love the most?  Whichever part currently has a dick in it. Facebook wouldn't be Facebook without...  A broken mental health system. Which musical sums up your life right now?   When I wake up, Phantom Of The Opera. At lunchtime, Grease. And on a good night, Funny Girl. When I have to work with that  Bianca Del Rio, Wicked! What the best face beauty tip for new queens starting out?  Less contour, please mama! This ain’t Kabuki. You're having a dinner party and you can invite five drag friends. Who would be at the table?  Five empty seats. What would you like written on your gravestone?    "Finally reached my goal weight." Has Mariah Carey lost it?   No, she’s gained it. What do you look for first in a man?  Bad eyesight and low expectations. Which sexual position best sums you up?  On my knees, begging. Who should run for President in 2020?  We should draw straws — it’s clear there are no actual qualifications at this point. What's your motto in life?   Does that come in a bigger size and a darker color? If you could go back in time and halt one celebrity's rise to fame, who would it be and why?  Bianca Del Rio. To restore order to the universe. Someone says to you: 'Can we have sex while you're in drag?" What's your response?    I just came while you were asking me that. Or I might say “You and your boyfriend can do whatever you like, but I’m getting out of these shoes.”  Cher or Madonna?    For what? To costar with me in a Golden Girls revival? Seriously though, I’d pick Cher. Love that ballsy ol’ broad! What's your post-show routine?   Explaining my No Refunds policy. If humanity depended on it, who would you rather sleep with, Trump or Pence?   Gee, I’ll miss humanity. A few Drag Race girls have gone on to release songs. Which is your favourite?   It’s really hard to pick a favorite when you’ve carefully avoided hearing any of them. Actually, I love the dance break in 'Sissy That Walk'. To me, that’s hotter than Ru’s hottest song 'House Of Love'. Everybody who’s anybody can work it to that break! Sherry Vine, Bianca Del Rio, RuPaul; who's the best at throwing shade?  Ru. She just shows them her bank balance. If you're <BLANK> you're not doing drag Saving up for a vagina. And I know like it, but I run around getting wigs, dresses, fittings or in my case fattings, and record junk for my act in the studio. It keeps me busy and I love working on original music. Have a track which just came out with a UK producer True2Life called '(For You) I’ll Wait coming out in February! What's the most important thing you've learnt during your 70 years as a drag artist?  .  To lie about my age. Lady Bunny's 'Trans-jester!' is at London's Soho Theatre until Saturday 25 February. For tickets click here. For more great deals on tickets and shows, visit tickets.attitude.co.uk Mores stories: ‘Say goodbye to being a mean gay, it’s time to cheer each other on’ The Sun just outed a nurse as a former gay porn star for absolutely no reason