18-year-old teenager goes viral after sharing emotional coming out video

The video shows Alejandro Rodriguez crying while coming out to his parents.


An 18-year-old Twitter user has gone viral after sharing his emotional coming out video. 

Alejandro Rodriguez shared a video of him coming out as gay to his parents on Twitter on Friday (July 27). The teenager can be seen crying while talking to his parents in the back seat of a car.

Alongside the video, Rodriguez wrote: "July 27, 2018. Today I came out to my parents. I was so scared and it's not easy to come out. 

"I loved their reactions and their little advice they gave me. I can finally live my life. I love my parents and all the people that have supported me throughout my journey." 

According to Gay Star News, Rodriguez apologises in Spanish for crying before his mum asks him why he's crying. 

He replies: "Because I have watched videos where the parent doesn't love the kids anymore because of coming out."

His parents respond by saying: "No, you are the same and we love you." 

They then tell him they don't care about his sexuality and that they'll support him no matter what, adding: "We are proud of you, and you're a good kid." 

Rodriguez then reveals that other people stare at him because of the way he dresses. His mum tells him she loves his fashion choices before saying: "You are a normal kid." 

The video has been liked over 100,000 times and Twitter users have praised Rodriguez and his parents for their heartwarming reaction.