17 reasons Monica was the gayest 'Friends' character


It's over a decade since Friends finished for good, but as Courtney Cox celebrates her 51st birthday today (June 15), we can't help but wonder what the group's meticulous mother hen Monica Geller would be up to now.

We could sit here and argue for days over which member of the gang was the greatest - and believe us, we have - but if ever there was a character after gay men's hearts, then the house-proud, obsessive compulsive hostess surely wins hands down.

So without further ado, here are our 17 reasons why Monica is arguably Friends' gayest...

She knew how to tear up a dance floor

She didn't let the age gap stop her from getting with a hunky, mustachioed older man...


...or an, erm, slightly younger one.


She dealt with the fear of aging the only way we know how


And she had no time for friends that tried to make it all about them


She was engaged in a constant battle against the carbs


And used seduction as a form of revenge


She drunkenly slept with her friends


Knew what she wanted 


And didn't let a little thing like being ill throw her off her game


She never minced her words


She had no mercy for a bitch who tried to ruin her big day

monica-wedding-dress-o Laura Prepon (L) and Taylor Schilling (R) in a scene from NetflixÕs ÒOrange is the New BlackÓ Season 2. Photo credit: JoJo Whilden for Netflix 

And wasn't afraid to flaunt her most valuable assets


She prioritised a knee-high leather heel over blood and pain


And understandably got paranoid that someone might be stealing her look

cleaningmonica nanny

In 2015, she would have been the go-to girl for pre-drinks


And finally, she spent a decade hiding her darkest secret in the closet