17 pictures which sum up why you're still crushing on Maxxie from 'Skins' 10 years later

Prepare to feel old, because this week marks a full 10 years since Channel 4's groundbreaking teen drama Skins first burst onto our screens in explosion of sex, drugs, nu-rave t-shirts and complaints to Ofcom. While the faces might have changed over the course of the show's seven series, it was loveable gay sixth former Maxxiewho first made a whole generation of questioning adolescents fall in love, with Channel 4 drawing praise for the rare presentation of a teen gay character who was both comfortable with his sexuality and accepted by his peers. Of course, it helped that actor Mitch Hewer was a total heartthrob with a face and body carved by the gods. So put on your neon shutter shades, strap yourself in, and relive the ultimate 2007 crush... Oh, and FYI, this is what Mitch Hewer looks like now *heart eyes emoji*: Skins, we are eternally in your debt. More stories: Sydney is having its biggest party of the year – WIN flights for two! George Michael discusses open relationships in candid 2004 interview with Attitude